No Encore was born out of a passion for music, fashion and planet earth.


We do everything we possibly can.

We've been a long time in the making: we've worked hard to seek out the most conscientious manufacturers, diligent printers and construct the best methods to optimise our climate change-fighting efforts. We do so much more than most: from ensuring that our garments are completely eco-friendly at every step in the creation process, making sure every product we sell is recyclable and compostable, ensuring every person in our supply chain gets a fair wage, down to making sure the gum on our recyclable packaging tape was never tested on animals. Read more on our FAQs page.

Designs that resonate. 

We work with the music community to raise awareness of the toxicity of fast fashion, its intense effects on climate change, and how making informed fashion choices can help preserve our planet. Did you know that the global fashion industry is a higher contributor to climate change than all global air travel and shipping travel combined? It's just not talked about as much. 

No exploitation of humans or animals.

We want to promote the wave of consciousness that gives the cold shoulder to brands exploiting humans or animals. Being a fashion brand ourselves, we know for sure that there is absolutely no excuse for the mistreatment of any living thing for the sake of fashion. We don't do it, why should anyone else?

Leaving no trace.

All of our products are completely recyclable and compostable, which means that none of our garments should make up the 350,000 tonnes of clothing that go to landfill every year in the UK. You can recycle or compost all of the packaging you receive with your order too.

Founded by musicians.

We don't just talk the talk: we walk the walk, load the van, play the shows, write the songs and eat the rider. Founded in January 2020 by a music businesswoman, producer and artist, we recognise how the nature of the music industry creates a powerful platform to promote real change. All No Encore designs come from musical minds and have the approval of a panel of industry experts and fans.


(Ours and our suppliers)

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