No Encore was born out of a passion for music and planet earth. 

We don't just talk the talk: we walk the walk, load the van, play the shows, write the songs and eat the rider. Founded and supported by musicians across the UK, we understand the industry. We know how the nature of the music business creates a powerful platform to promote real change.

Founded by Abi; a musician and music businesswoman turned Sustainability MSc in 2020, No Encore began life as a bold sustainable streetwear brand inspired by music. Working with the music community to raise awareness of the toxicity of fast fashion, its intense effects on climate change, and how making informed fashion choices can help preserve our planet.

All No Encore's original clothing line is 100% cotton, ethically made, vegan and cruelty-free certified, toxin free, fully recyclable and fully compostable. This can be purchased through our shop and, in our opinion, is perfect to wear on stage.

Stark reality into opportunity.

Having worked in the music and live events industry for a number of years, we noticed that music merchandise is starting to take on a harmful fast fashion disposition. Poor quality garments are printed with toxic ink, en masse, resulting in large quantities of unsold, non-recyclable stock sat in storage, or sent to landfill.

Through life as a sustainable clothing brand, we uncovered a shocking statistic: in Great Britain, we discard 700,000 tonnes of good quality clothing to be sent to recycling centres, textile banks, clothes collections and charity each year. 350,000 tonnes still go to landfill.

We wanted to do something awesome with these cast-offs, and give them a new life on the bodies of music fans. Giving artists, bands and festivals a chance to make an important statement against the toxic fast fashion industry, and help preserve the planet's resources by saving clothing from heading to landfill. We wanted to present a new option for music industry professionals, to bring environmental issues into the minds of artists and fans alike, and as a key income stream for bands, artists and festivals, merchandise should be valued as an opportunity for the music industry to influence societal change. 

A new movement.

As we see consumers putting pressure on organisations to up their eco game, the fashion industry is changing...


"Younger generations value transparency and sustainability, and are willing to pay a little more for fashionable, quality products where they guarantee that their next clothing purchase prioritises the planet and its inhabitants." - Good On You


We believe that the music merchandise sector urgently needs to move into this market - not just to respect planetary boundaries and prevent more of the earth's resources being sucked up with little regard for the environment and the health of workers, but because the next generation of music lovers rightly expect it. We are proud to offer the opportunity for a sustainable future in music merchandise: vintage and secondhand clothing, reimagined, repurposed and reprinted for music fans.