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No Encore was born out of a passion for music and planet earth. 

Having worked in the music and live events industry for a number of years, we noticed that music merchandise is starting to take on a harmful fast fashion disposition. Poor quality garments are printed with toxic ink, en masse, resulting in large quantities of unsold, unrecycled stock being sent to landfill.

As a key income stream for bands, artists and festivals, it should be valued as a huge opportunity to promote change.

Merchandise allows fans to visibly, physically and financially support their favourite artists and festivals, and therefore is a chance to bring sustainable issues into the minds of artists and fans alike.

We believe that the pinnacle of sustainability is not to use the earth's resources to create new products, but to recycle what is already on the planet. We are therefore proud to offer bands, artists and events, upcycled secondhand clothing as an option for their merch tables.




We were a long time in the making: we started out by releasing our own collection of T-shirts and hoodies to raise awareness of our mission.
In the background, we were working towards our goal of ultimately being able to offer garment upcycling services on a large scale, for the good of the planet.
For this first collection, all our garments are completely eco-friendly at every step in the creation process.


We work with the music community to raise awareness of the toxicity of fast fashion, its intense effects on climate change, and how making informed fashion choices can help preserve our planet. Did you know that the global fashion industry is a higher contributor to climate change than all global air travel and shipping travel combined? It's just not talked about as much. 


We don't just talk the talk: we walk the walk, load the van, play the shows, write the songs and eat the rider.
Founded as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic causing founder, Abigail, to lose her jobs in the industry, it allowed her time to pursue the idea she'd been sitting on for a while.
We know how the nature of the music industry creates a powerful platform to promote real change.


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